Climbing With Phonics

Information About “Climbing With Phonics” Interactive Computer program

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This truly Orton Gillingham based program can be used at home, in a classroom, tutorial or remedial setting. The software is for those with Dyslexia or any reader in need of Decoding or Encoding skills. “Climbing With Phonics” covers basic to advanced skills in reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary. This software answers a need for reading improvement and individualized programmed learning where mastery of skills is possible, and success guaranteed! Its multimedia computer program presents experiences dramatically using hours of video vignettes of 71 written sounds and rules of English. Each lesson also has video handwriting lessons to reinforce kinesthetic and tactile skills. All 71 lessons present words for reading and dictation. There are auditory and visual drills to maintain previous lessons, as well as proficiency testing before advancement or you can choose to go to a specific lesson independently.

“Climbing With Phonics” may also be used when teaching reading, handwriting, spelling, and vocabulary to those where English is a second language (ESL). Over 2,000 words most used in printed material are voiced and categorized according to sound/letter(s). In each lesson these words are dictated, read, and used in phonetic stories written in Cloze to introduce common sight vocabulary.

The format of “Climbing With Phonics” closely adheres to Orton Gillingham methods. In each lesson rules of spelling and pronunciation are provided for each sound/letter(s, as well as used in video penmanship lessons in all 71 lessons.

Software description – Procedures & Methods

“Climbing With Phonics“ Interactive Computer Program
Sequence and Description
  1. Identify sounds listening to human speech and begin your climb up Phonic Mountain. 2. Master letters and climb to higher levels. Plateau tests can knock you back! There is a surprise when you reach the top of the mountain. 3. In each lesson you choose from 7 different multisensory activities. Take spelling tests, handwriting instruction, or view videos. Click to hear words in lists and stories pronounced. Each lesson celebrates a different phonetic element. 4. View videos of swimming turtles and hear and see beach waves. Interact with 213 video vignettes. View text with audio, “Super Learning” music and more!

 First 32 lessons– contain consonants, consonant digraphs, short vowels, CVC Rule, the final “e”, and the “V/CV Rule” etc.

Lessons 33 to 71 contain – vowel digraphs, VV rule diphthongs, “r” controlled vowels, soft or hard C and G, syllable endings, prefixes, syllabication strategies, plus more.


Where and Who can use the “Climbing With Phonics” program

Children to adults who are learning to read at home, Schools, Classrooms, Remedial Programs, Resource Rooms, ESL programs,’ Learning Disabled Students, Dyslexics, Slow Learners, Sensory Impaired Students, Home instruction, Libraries, Learning Centers, Literacy Centers, Literacy Tutors, Private Schools, Nursery Schools, Gifted Programs, Correctional Institutions, Career Training Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, Vocational Training Centers. Teachers using “Flipped Learning” approaches


How to use the Flipped Learning approach with the

 “Climbing With Phonics” Computer instruction

                Students can take lessons independently and the time used with the instructor can be used for application of skills or “actual reading” of material using decoding, encoding skills, or enhancing reading fluency or personalized learning sessions. Time can be used instead for comprehension or subject material in Science, Math, Literature etc. For tutoring multiple students in a family setting. Siblings can be learning independently with “Climbing With Phonics” computer instruction, while the tutor provides one-to-one individualized instruction to another sibling.

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