Climbing With Phonics

Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning is an instructional strategy and type of blended learning education program that combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. Flipped learning reverses the instructional environment by delivering content, often online, outside the classroom. Flipping changes, the lecture or direct group instruction from the classroom to home or individualized learning at centers. It changes the student from a passive learner to an active participant and changes the teacher from the roll of controller to an interactive facilitator. This change relies on technology and new interactive materials to deliver curriculum, content, knowledge or skills. The Orton Gillingham Method provides the “how to”. It uses separate visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile activities to deliver instruction. The teacher provides multiple experiences that insure mastery instead of a “one size fits all” lecture of direct teaching to the whole class. As quoted in the May 31, 1993 issue of Newsweek, “People retain 10% of what they see, 20 % of what they hear and 50% of what they hear and see and 80% of what they see and do.” The weakness of most instructional resources is they offer one or at most two of these components. The Orton Gillingham method takes advantages of all three to their fullest. In addition to structuring and repeating content  in different modalities, multimedia and games, it is fun and fully engages all students!

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