Climbing With Phonics


Positive Thinking Problem Solving Series

The “On the Other Hand” book series opens communications with children on challenging subjects that children often deal with without adult help. Subjects such as “Divorce”, “Food Allergies”, “On Being Different” and “Loss” can fester if not dealt with. The book can help you get through the tough times in life.  It is written in an “easy to read” format and meant to be read with a caring adult.

The Climbing with Phonics E-Books

The Climbing with Phonics Coloring Book and Multicolored Alphabet Book reinforce letter-sound associations through kinesthetic and tactile learning. The books utilize coloring, penmanship, and tracing activities to support the Orton Gillingham approach for reading, writing, and spelling. They provide a fun and effective way to teach language skills to learners of all ages.

The Princess Spring Legend

The goal of this “” site is to create content materials that are, “easy to read”, condensed and contain only essential knowledge, concepts, and skills; using Multisensory materials, technology and programmed learning tools to deliver instruction. These materials are perfect for those teachers “flipping” instruction from a lecture to a more individualized format.

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