*-Contains all written text in the “Climbing With Phonics” computer Program
*-Contains descriptions of the Orton Gillingham approach, techniques & routines appropriate for group, individualized or computerized instruction
*-Contains Master Generic Activity Sheets which may be used to reinforce skills, sounds & words either as follow-up or homework assignment
*-High frequency words listed by targeted Sound/letter(s) on reproducible, black-lined master sheets
*-Tests and Sequence Chart to register progress
*-Contains Flash Cards of letters & phonograms & rules for spelling and pronunciation (encoding & decoding)
*-Game sheets that reinforce skills
*-Each page of the Manual’s lessons is an Orton Gillingham Multisensory
Lesson & contains the following:
-Picture of keyword utilized to remember a targeted Sound/letter(s)

-List of words for dictation, spelling & reading

-Targeted Sound’s letter(s) written in cursive & manuscript

-Phonetic Story packed with words containing the lesson’s targeted Sound/letter(s) ·
-Rules for spelling and Pronunciation

-Reproducible, Black-lined Large Print

-High Usage Vocabulary- selected from a computerized frequency word list gleaned from recent National Reading tests, school textbooks, & newspapers

Instruction Manual / Workbook

Positive Thinking Problem Solving Series

The “On the Other Hand” book series opens communications with children on challenging subjects that children often deal with without adult help. Subjects such as “Divorce”, “Food Allergies”, “On Being Different” and “Loss” can fester if not dealt with. The book can help you get through the tough times in life.  It is written in an “easy to read” format and meant to be read with a caring adult.
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Reading, Writing & Spelling

The purpose of the Climbing with Phonics Coloring Book and Multicolored Alphabet Book is to introduce or reinforce the letters of the alphabet and the sounds those letters make.
Coloring reinforces phonics using kinesthetic and tactile modalities. These are very important senses in the Orton Gillingham approach for teaching reading, writing and spelling. Those who have difficulties associating letters to their sounds often also have difficulties perceiving and learning via visual and auditory modalities, therefore, coloring, penmanship and tracing are perfect reinforcement activities.
How to Use Climbing With Phonics Coloring Book and Multicolored Book.
To encourage making the connection between the picture and the letter’s sound or sounds say the following phrase for each picture:
“A (leter’s name); Apple (letter’s picture); “A” (letter’s sound)
Repeat the phrase”.4 Í Apple : “A” for each picture. Add the tracing of the letter and you have an effective multisensory activity to teach and maintain letter/sound association. Naming objects can be challenging for young learners and many adults. This activity can be used to reinforce many important language skills while being a fun way to learn K-Adult
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Curriculum Content Books

The goal of this “” site is to create content materials that are, “easy to read”, condensed and contain only essential knowledge, concepts, and skills; using Multisensory materials, technology and programmed learning tools to deliver instruction. These materials are perfect for those teachers “flipping” instruction from a lecture to a more individualized format.
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