Climbing With Phonics

Reading, Writing & Spelling

The purpose of the Climbing with Phonics Coloring Book is to introduce or reinforce the letters of the alphabet and t sounds those letters make.

Coloring reinforces phonics using kinesthetic and tactile modalities. These are very important senses in the Orton Gillingham approach for teaching reading, writing and spelling. Those who have difficulties associating letters to their sounds often also have difficulties perceiving and learning via visual and auditory modalities, therefore, coloring, penmanship and tracing are perfect reinforcement activities.

How to Use Climbing With Phonics Coloring Book

Coloring is fun! It is also relaxing even for adults. To encourage making the connection between the picture and the letter’s sound or sounds say the following phrase for each picture:

“A (leter’s name); Apple (letter’s picture); “A” (letter’s sound)

Repeat the phrase”.4 Í Apple : “A” for each picture. Add the tracing of the letter and you have an effective multisensory activity to teach and maintain letter/sound association. Naming objects can be challenging for young learners and many adults. This activity can be used to reinforce many important language skills while being a fun way to learn K-Adult.

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