Climbing With Phonics


*-Contains all written text in the “Climbing With Phonics” computer Program
*-Contains descriptions of the Orton Gillingham approach, techniques & routines appropriate for group, individualized or computerized instruction
*-Contains Master Generic Activity Sheets which may be used to reinforce skills, sounds & words either as follow-up or homework assignment
*-High frequency words listed by targeted Sound/letter(s) on reproducible, black-lined master sheets
*-Tests and Sequence Chart to register progress
*-Contains Flash Cards of letters & phonograms & rules for spelling and pronunciation (encoding & decoding)
*-Game sheets that reinforce skills
*-Each page of the Manual’s lessons is an Orton Gillingham Multisensory
Lesson & contains the following:
-Picture of keyword utilized to remember a targeted Sound/letter(s)

-List of words for dictation, spelling & reading

-Targeted Sound’s letter(s) written in cursive & manuscript

-Phonetic Story packed with words containing the lesson’s targeted Sound/letter(s) ·
-Rules for spelling and Pronunciation

-Reproducible, Black-lined Large Print

-High Usage Vocabulary- selected from a computerized frequency word list gleaned from recent National Reading tests, school textbooks, & newspapers



Manual* Manual Manual $25.00 Purchase Checkout Added to cart The Climbing With Phonics E-Book Instruction Manual/Workbook contains all the written text in the Climbing With Phonics computer program and includes […]

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